There may not be a specific reason, but recent surveys have seen an uptick in those who work from home. There can be a million different reasons for this, I think part of it has to do with the shift in how telecommuting jobs are perceived in society. It used to be that you either work in an office almost daily, or you own your own place and work there. However, one of the main contributors to this growing trend is technology. The growth of the internet and highspeed digital platforms have given us the opportunity to work remotely if we please. That does not necessarily mean that there will be more work, in fact it might be less work. The only thing that is changing is the location. This goes for all different types of jobs, even musicians. Working at home can be such an important opportunity especially if you have children or an animal at home. It is important to have your own space but also have quality time together. For anyone that is a musician this could be as easy as building your own home music studio. This will allow you to focus on what you need to work on while still being home for your children and avoiding any commute time. The best part about having your own in-home music studio is not having to lug around any instruments or equipment, and having the opportunity to work on your music at any time of day.

Think About Size

drum kitReally any instrument, even the larger ones such as a stand-up cello or drum kit, can be purchased at your local retail store. However, it might be beneficial to order from a direct retailer so that it comes straight to your house and you will not have to carry it home or deal with any transportation issues. Purchasing your instruments online can also result in wholesale discounts or cheaper costs all together. Once you have determined what type of instruments will be kept in your home music studio, you can start thinking about other equipment, such as microphones, speakers, and recording and editing set ups. Only after you have done a complete assessment of all the items to be housed within your future in-home music studio, can you begin to think about how big you will need the rest of the space to be. It may turn out that this will result in you realizing you need a larger, or smaller space than you originally expected. From here, you can now begin the design aspect.

Purchase All of Your Supplies in One Place

I would highly recommend making a list of all your needs, including any hardware, lumber, tools, paint, safety equipment, and other items necessary to build your in-home music studio. Once you have a comprehensive list of everything that you will need, you can go to Home Depot to find all the items. After you purchase all the building supplies required, you can finally start on the construction of your project.