Save The Bees

Here’s a little protest song in support of our beleaguered bees.

You can get bee saving kits from Friends of the Earth here:

For All The Brave Soldiers…

The nights are getting lighter, but it’s still blimmin freezing and I still can’t shake the cold I’ve had for months.

This song is dedicated to all the men out there struggling with the greatest disease ever to afflict mankind….

And here’s a little video to go with it…

High as a Kite – A love song

Hello.  Valentine’s Day is approaching and in spite of the dark winter gloom a young person’s thoughts turn to love.  And so do mine.

The story behind the video and the song is that my girlfriend had to make a kite as a prop and, although for her purposes it didn’t need to fly, we took it up on Plymouth Hoe to see if it would.  It was a lovely looking kite, but it didn’t fly.  Still, I filmed a couple of short videos on my phone and then made this, originally just for her, but then I thought I’d share it with you (with her ever loving consent).

It’s not a comedy song, it’s just a song.  Now all I need is a montage in American indie film that’s looking for some musical accompaniment…

I’ve also recorded a full proper version of the song with verses, this chorus and another bit and released it as a pay as you like digital download.

You can listen to it here and click through to download it at Bandcamp…

Personal Space

I’m a big fan of personal space.  So much so that I wrote a song about it.  It’s on my Awkward EP and I often play it live.  (The EP I recorded this year is available to stream and purchase online at Bandcamp and on itunes).  Read more about it here.

I’d like to make a proper vid for this, but in the meantime a spare room recording of the song where my low rent recording devices live with a baby Goofy toy my mum gave me years ago (no idea why, I think I was well in my teens and never showed a clingy penchant for stuffed toys), a Bendy Bully and a photo of an old Mexican woman.


This Song Proves That Homophobia Is Wrong


I’m finally starting to plug the Awkward EP I recorded this year (which is available to stream and purchase online at Bandcamp and on itunes ).  Read more about it here.

So to begin the immense launching of this work into the top one hundred chart rundown, here’s a video for the most important song on the EP. It is also the shortest.

It in no way suggests that Adam Sandler and Steve Buscemi are gay, they are just the most famous Adam and Steve I could think of. Adam West is too dated, Adam Clayton is only for U2 fans and Adam Buxton too UK centric. As for Steves, I could have had Steve Irwin, but I felt that was disrespectul to deceased reptile-taunters.