My Christmas Song

Put your best festive jumper on, mull some wine and listen to my Christmas tune: Reasons Not To Kill.



High as a Kite – new and improved

This is a re-recorded and mastered version of my most popular song on Spotify and here’s a re-cut video to accompany it. The song is also available as a free download on Bandcamp.



Here’s a link to my most successful song on Spotify…

That is largely down to a mix up as there is a rather good Norwegian indie band called Highasakite. But every fraction of a penny counts.

Here’s my EP too…


Save The Bees

Here’s a little protest song in support of our beleaguered bees.

You can get bee saving kits from Friends of the Earth here:

For All The Brave Soldiers…

The nights are getting lighter, but it’s still blimmin freezing and I still can’t shake the cold I’ve had for months.

This song is dedicated to all the men out there struggling with the greatest disease ever to afflict mankind….

And here’s a little video to go with it…